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As required by Federal law, a Federal Firearms License is needed to change the appearance of a firearm.

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Michigan Customs LLC
is a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer and Gunsmith







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Firearms are our primary passion, We specialize in custom one of a kind firearms.

whether you want a new, one of a kind show piece, or have your old warn and torn rifle, pistol, or shotgun look like new. We would love the opportunity to make that happen for you.

Benefits to having  your gun dipped.

Concealment -  Weather Proof - Restore - Protect -  Cool Factor

At Michigan Customs quality and durability is our number one goal.

If you are interested in having hydrographics applied to a gun, please do yourself a favor and take the time to compare us to our competitors. There are a number of places that will beat our prices, that is done by using inferior products, and cutting corners.

Compare us to our competitors

Are they licensed to work on firearms?
We are a Federally licensed firearms dealer and gunsmith.

Will they disassemble the firearm? - Will they charge you extra to do so?
To properly dip a firearm they must be fully disassembled. we do so, free of charge.

Will they assemble the firearm? - will they charge you extra to do so?
Every firearm will be assembled, and fully tested for safety, and reliability. Before it leaves our shop. We don't charge extra for something any responsible gunsmith should do.

Will they charge you extra to clean your gun?
We do not charge extra if your gun is dirty, or over oiled. As part of proper preparation for primer all dirt and oil is removed.

What parts do they actually dip?
There are a lot of shops that will not dip trigger guards, bolts, bolt handles, floor plates, etc. Some of this is due to wear issues. Most of it is due to the difficulty, and they ether cant, or they are more focused on speed and money. We can and will dip any parts you want.

What paint products do they use?
There are a lot of ways to cut costs in this area, but doing so also cuts quality, and durability.
For paints and primers we use top of the line products from Dupont, PPG, and Cerakote.
For clear coat we use Cerakote ceramic clear coat. For more info about Cerakote click here

How to have your gun dipped

Pick a pattern - Patterns

Fill out and send us an order form - Michigan Customs Order Form

Ship it to us, with payment and return shipping label. Make check or money order payable to Michigan Customs LLC. Ship your items to Michigan Customs LLC 307 N WEBER RD MUSKEGON MI 49445. Read and follow these shipping instructions - UPS Firearms Shipping

Contact us if you have any questions

Firearms are our primary passion, We specialize in custom one of a kind firearms

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